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We are a design agency providing strategy, branding and advertising services.

We help brands cut through a crowded, noisy marketplace with unique, compelling, interesting stories for both the analog and digital worlds.

We do it by digging in, asking questions, and connecting the dots. Then we give it meaning and relevance through creative expression. And we love what we do.

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.
Steve Jobs, Apple

Digital & Traditional

1997. That’s when we launched with a vision for design that was smart, timely, effective, and never boring. It had to create awareness, but also engage an audience, and push them to take some action… the marketing trifecta. And since good ideas never get stale we stand by that original vision. Today we do it through a range of tactics and media.

Branding & Identity
Graphic Design
Web Development
Content Management

Beauty & Brains

Successful brands are both emotional and rational. We help clients discover that balance. We analyze and poke, ask why and why not. We look for the truth, because truth leads to insight. And insight leads to meaning and value. Then we express those in ways that look good and make sense. It’s how you connect brands and people.

We work collaboratively with clients. We bring perspective, listen before we speak, never lose sight of the big picture, and we respect your time or money.

Ways & Means

It’s a process, a clear-eyed methodology. From relationships, research and strategic thinking, to experience, intuition and aesthetics. It’s the rule of three:

  1. Uncover meaningful distinctions. Enunciate genuine advantages and clarify benefits
  2. Express these in clear, simple ways through a unique visual and verbal brand language
  3. Activate your marketing with tools and tactics that engage and motivate audiences

We assess all information available, clarify a project’s business objectives, summarize key points and then explore creative directions that give life to the message strategy.

Team & Mates

Strategists, Designers, Digital Engineers, Producers, Writers, Artists & Friends

Joe Kiwior

Joe Kiwior

James van Spronsen

James van Spronsen

Brian Ashley

Brian Ashley

Interaction Designer

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